Weddings in Kos boasts the highest qualified events managers in the wedding planning business here in Kos. Our professional co-ordinators will take you through all the steps of getting married/committing your love to one another on the Greek island of Kos. From guidance for booking the wedding, arranging legal documentation and following local protocol to booking wedding details such as flowers, cake, photographer, hairdressers and reception. 

Weddings in Kos has in-resort wedding planners who are qualified event managers with experience in every area of your wedding. As Weddings in Kos is British run, with 26 years Kos residency, we are fluent in English, Swedish, Polish and Greek, thus ensuring no errors due to language barriers. We also have on board a team of German and Dutch translators. Just what you need to ensure your wedding day goes smoothly and according to plan.

You can rest assured that Weddings in Kos will guide you through the whole preparation process, followed by the taking care of all your wedding requests in-resort, leaving you and your guests space and time to relax and really enjoy your special day and the rest of your holiday experience on the beautiful Greek island of Kos.

We look forward to working with you towards your perfect day!

Emma Karanastasi